Living in this day and age where technology has greatly impacted our lives, social media is a must have. Around 1.96 billion people all over the world are connected to each other through social network empires such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the drawbacks, however, is that people are perceived solely based on their social media. People are judged by their posts and pictures. Their worth is dictated by the amount of followers and likes they receive. Because of this, a social media phenomena has recently emerged– a finstagram.

What exactly is a finstagram?

A finstagram account is a private instagram account in which the user is able to freely post any picture without fear of getting judged.

Many of my friends own more than one instagram account. One type of account they own, the “real instagram,” or a person’s original instagram account, is the account where anyone is free to follow. Depending on the person, this type of account usually has more than 100 followers. The pictures posted in this type of account are normally controlled by the user or are posted for aesthetic reasons. The other type of account, the fake instagram (finstagram), is an account where the user handpicks who follows their account. The amount of followers in this account generally range from 20-40 people. It is usually followed by the user’s close circle of friends. The pictures posted in this type of account are usually candid and embarrassing. Also, posts in this account are personal and usually posted for the user’s own comfort. Users usually post pictures they believe will not get a lot of “likes” on this account.

I have always found a finstagram to be very questionable. I honestly see no point to a finstagram. Why are people so concerned about what people think about their posts? Shouldn’t we be free to post whatever we want?

These recent circumstances have reminded me of Rousseau’s ideas of amour propre and amour de soi.  Amour propre or self-love is the innate desire to be recognized as superior than everyone else. This way of thinking is exhibited through a person’s “real” instagram. It is what makes people want to “show-off” to the world. They control what they post so that they can appear to be better than what they really are.  Amour de soi or love of self is the interest “in our [own] well-being and our self- preservation.” The finstagram encapsulates this quality.

To me, the finstagram shows the true character of a person. The finstagram is what the real instagram should be and what people should be more aware of. If you truly want to get to know a person, follow their “finstagram.”

UPDATE: A couple of weeks after I posted this I created a finstagram account just to try it out.

It is great.

Most of the pictures I post on my finstagram reference inside jokes I have with my friends/followers. I use the account to post spam photos or to just reveal personal feelings to friends I feel comfortable with sharing.

How has this change my view on Finstagrams? For the most part, I understand that finstagram is a way for people to share a part of their lives to a close-knit group of people that they trust. I definitely have a stronger connection with my followers in finstagram than I do with my real instagram.

Looking at it now, I think some of my posts on finstagram should be posted on my real instagram. These posts share who I am, and I think more people should know that. That is why I have started posting more “true” photos on my “real instagram.”

I encourage you all to try out a finstagram for a month and gradually post more on to your real instagram and watch as your true self emerges. 🙂


One thought on “The Finstagram Phenomenon

  1. I have met friends who have these “finstagram” accounts, and I was not aware of this was an actual thing. And when I am able to follow their accounts, I am too curious to why they do not simply post this on their normal account? I guess is the fear of not holding an “aesthetic” front for their profile, so they do not want to deviate from that, just for the chance they will receive more followers. When I heard about this trend going on, I also related back to Rousseau on his notion of self love versus love of self. Atleast, people are beginning to love and cherish themselves with these “finstagram” accounts, but it is only small step. The fact the accounts are made private for only selected trusted few, is a big step back. I believe Rousseau would have all accounts be “finstagram” where we are free to post what ever we want without us being fearful of outside opinion and consent.


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