When I first heard Professor Lazo talk about Humanities Core at SPOP, I accidentally fell asleep (I stayed up with the rest of my SPOPmates the night before). When I heard that as a Film & Media Studies major it was required, I was slightly concerned — writing was not my strong suit. So now that I’m finishing the last few weeks of HumCore, I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it. Out of all the classes I have taken this year, I found Humanities Core to be the most fascinating.

Starting off college, I had preconceived notions about how the world operated and where the United States fit in that world. Throughout my academic life, I have been taught how lucky I am to live in a country that not only welcomes others but fights for their rights and freedoms. But after hearing personal accounts from the countries the US persecuted through imperialism, I have learned to approach the world in a different light. I liked reading and hearing about those stories that get lost in the history books. Learning about countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and India changed the way I perceived the United States. Because of this, I admired Aphra Behn’s slave narrative, Oroonoko, and how a marginalized group can become empowered and resist the empire.

Another aspect of HumCore that I appreciated was the way we engaged with films. Not only did we get to watch The RevenantThe Tempest, and Persepolis, but we got to analyze films and discuss the different ways each film presented an empire.

Overall, I enjoyed taking Humanities Core and I highly recommend it to all upcoming students.


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